Zombie Chase : gamemaker Prototype Dev Diary pt 2

Development Diary part two

So I haven’t had a chance to code, but did manage to write down a few idea I want to implement into the prototype game.

I thought that the next step will be to allow the enemy sprites to enter the houses, and create doors that can be opened and closed to keep them out or let them in.

So I thought, I’ll create a door object that will act as a solid, but that will swing 90 degrees to allow it to open. that way if its blocking an entrance the current Z movement code will stop them passing it, but if the entrance is clear they should pass by it. I’ll need to change the background sprite object I’m using for the house floors to non solid to allow the Z’s to enter.

Adding doors will allow me to also implement keys, and start with some of the building doors locked and make player find a key to enter. Then giving doors a  health stat would allow a player to break a locked one down at the expense of not being able to then close it. That then raises the option to allows Z’s to damage doors to get to players.



So just adding a simple door to the buildings is slightly more complex than I first thought, but will open up some interesting game mechanic possibilities I think.

I’ve noted a few other additions I want to add, after I get doors working, the first is to add a short range projectile weapon, with a very, very slow rate of fire, like a crossbow, but with the advantage of it being silent. This shouldn’t be too hard to implement, but might require a second type of ammo as the current weapons are bullets. I don’t really want to get into different ammo types for different weapons at the moment. Keeping it simple at the moment, so, all guns will use bullets and lets say bows and crossbows will use the same arrow type ammo as well, with bows having a faster rate of fire than the crossbow, but both being silent but with shorter range than guns at the moment.

I’d Like to look at adding a close range melee weapon system to the game, but haven’t fleshed the idea out. I’ll get coding on the stuff above first. See how it all works, and decide what’s getting kept and what’s not before I look at a melee weapon system.





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