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I am trying to get back into developing my hobby zombie game that has stagnated somewhat. I thought to get me back into it I’d try some old fashioned pen and paper level designing for it. I had planned to make some maze like levels, rooms connected with corridors with random items and zombies for the game to take place in. And as i didn’t have any graph paper to hand, I had to make some. So I created a few blank templates on my PC and printed them out.  I thought in case someone else might find them useful I’d better save it as a PDF and upload it.

Printable level design Paper

So if you want to print off some paper to design game rooms, sprites or levels feel free to use mine. They aren’t perfect squares, more rectangles this is because i knocked them up very quickly in a spreadsheet and the scaling was off slightly, but they’ll suffice for what i need them for as I don’t really do pixel art.

There are 10 pages to the PDF, just print the one you need. There are 5 different grid sizes in two flavours, with notes or without. the grids are 100×100, 95×64 (weird size I know,  but its what my maze / room is ), 64×64, 50 x50 and 32 x 32.

I’ve been working on some web code that’ll produce custom sized versions of this PDF, but it’s not done yet, but if and when I get it working I’ll link it in this post.

If they are useful or you need more exact paper for pixel perfect stuff, there’s a couple of online places you can print graph paper, google is your friend here.

But if like me you just need some squares with note sections to bash out levels or rooms for GameMaker then this should be fine for you.

Download the free level design and pixel art paper

Hope this is useful


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