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A while ago I started reading the Strobist blog, a great read for anyone interested in photography and especially if you want to learn about off camera flash.

So i was playing around with some strobist ideas involving off camera flash,  and was quite taken with the idea of low key portraits. I really like them as its a great effect that doesn’t need a whole lot of expensive kit.  I used a yongnuo yn460 with a sync cable and a cheap ebay shotshoe trigger on my wee Olympus E-pl3 and i used a cheap mini softbox from ebay I picked up for pennies to soften the light,  I hadn’t done any off camera flash stuff before but I was really happy with how these turned out.

I keep meaning to do some more, and have my eye on a couple of yongnuo flash triggers (on amazon for about £20) to replace the sync cable setup as cable has a break in it and isnt working now.  I’ll probably buy them in the next week or two as i want them for when I go on holiday in the summer. A cheap lightstand and a shoot through umbrella are also on my shopping list to give me a nice basic, single flash off camera setup.

My lowkey gallery on flickr

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