Easy as 123 a free HTML5 game made in Gamemaker

EASY AS 123 is a GameMaker studio game I created about a year ago, but I recently came back to it, to refresh my self with GML and have a little fun making games again.
So I fixed a few bugs in it, and I’ve exported it using my newly acquired html5 export module for GameMaker studio.

You can see the game in a browser click to play EASY AS 123 in another window.

If you want to download and play it on windows or android device, head over to my itch.io page where you can also play it full screen in the browser.


I plan to add some achievements players can aim for to the game, and eventually upload it to the google play store once I get round to creating a developer account on it.


I’ll keep this blog updated on any progress I make.

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